[MIJ] Head of Marketing

Location: Singapore
Contact email: careersrise@bcg.com
Published: 14 days ago
Startdate: 02 July 2024 - 02 July 2024

​About MIJ Hub Ltd

My Inspiring Journey Hub (MIJ Hub) is a leading and rapidly growing private school and non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals aged 4 to 40 with diverse learning needs. Through our comprehensive educational programs, vocational training, and community integration initiatives, we have been creating positive change locally for over 13 years. Our mission is to be the ultimate one-stop center for the special needs community in the region.

At MIJ Hub, we are pioneers in innovation. By managing multiple for-profit ventures, including a food and beverage (F&B) arm, we generate sustainable income streams that allow us to provide subsidies, ensuring parents and students have access to affordable, high-quality education. Join MIJ Hub and become part of a vibrant, dynamic team committed to driving financial sustainability, fostering inclusivity, and expanding our reach to make a real difference in the community.

Job Title: Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing at MIJ Hub, you will be the driving force behind our growth and outreach efforts. Reporting directly to the Director of Growth and Strategy, you will develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, ensuring seamless coordination across departments and meticulous budget management. Your primary goal will be to drive revenue growth through innovative marketing initiatives, including student enrollment, fundraising for the NGO, and sales for our for-profit ventures. Leading a dynamic and diverse marketing team you will have the opportunity to make a substantial impact in a vibrant, rapidly growing organization dedicated to transforming lives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Marketing & Growth: Develop and implement growth marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, drive student enrollment, and accelerate company growth. Identify growth opportunities and utilize performance-based channels including incentives tactics, CRM, subscriptions, and loyalty programs.

  • Campaign & Content Leadership: Strategize and lead a team of content marketers to plan, execute, and optimize multi-channel marketing campaigns, including digital, social media, email, content marketing, and SEO.

  • Data Analysis & Insights: Analyze marketing performance data to measure campaign effectiveness and drive strategy. Provide insights and recommendations through A/B testing, data-driven analysis, and experimental campaign designs. Monitor growth trends and measure marketing ROI.

  • Lead Generation & Customer Segmentation: Develop lead generation strategies to attract prospective students, donors, and customers. Implement customer segmentation and lifecycle strategies focused on conversion and CLTV. Utilize marketing automation tools to nurture leads through the enrollment funnel and sales process.

  • Brand Development & Partnerships: Strengthen the MIJ Hub brand by ensuring consistent messaging and visual identity across all channels. Identify and establish strategic partnerships to expand MIJ Hub's reach.

  • Budget & Resource Management: Manage the marketing budget, ensuring cost-effective use of resources and maximizing ROI. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and document processes.

  • Team Leadership & Coordination: Lead and mentor the marketing team, fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Ensure the team meets timelines and delivers quality results. Coordinate with other departments to align marketing initiatives with organizational goals.

  • Revenue Generation: Achieve revenue targets through successful marketing initiatives, including student enrollment, fundraising campaigns, and sales of products/services through MIJ's for-profit ventures. Oversee marketing activities for MIJ Hub's for-profit ventures, including the F&B arm.


  1. Strategic Planning & Leadership: Strong ability to develop and lead strategic marketing initiatives. Proven track record of building and nurturing teams.

  2. Project Management: Meticulous project management skills with attention to detail and an analytical mindset. Proven ability to manage marketing projects from conception to completion, ensuring the team meets timelines and delivers quality results.

  3. Budget Management: Experience managing marketing budgets and maximizing ROI.

  4. Data Analysis: Proficiency in analyzing marketing data to drive strategy and decision-making using tools like Excel and other analytics software.

  5. Marketing Software Proficiency: Familiarity with tools such as Google Analytics, CRM systems (e.g., HubSpot), and marketing automation tools.

  6. Social Media and Email Marketing: Deep understanding of organic and paid efforts on platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and email marketing strategies.

  7. Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey complex ideas clearly and concisely. Proficiency in English.

  8. Team Management: Strong leadership skills to lead, mentor, and develop a diverse marketing team, fostering a collaborative and high-performance culture.

  9. Professional Traits: Creative, strategic thinker with a growth mindset. Resourceful, self-motivated, and adaptable to change. Strong entrepreneurial mindset willing to build things from the ground up. Sociable character with a collaborative and positive attitude towards new challenges. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent

Work Location: On-site at Changi Road, Singapore