(PebbleRoad) Product owner

Location: Singapore
Discipline: HR
Job type: Permanent
Contact email: career@bcg-rise.com
Job ref: 587302
Published: about 2 months ago
About PebbleRoad
PebbleRoad is a Singapore-based design and strategy practice. We help organisations in their digital transformation journey by aligning their strategic vision, creating digital experiences and building internal capabilities.
We started our practice in 2004 with one objective: do impactful work. This single-minded pursuit has guided whom we hire, whom we work for, the work we do and the decisions we make.
We work with clients such as DBS (Singapore), Digi (Malaysia), Sinar Mas (Indonesia), ADB (Philippines), CLP (Hong Kong) and many government agencies in Singapore.
We are looking for a Product Owner to join our team in Singapore.
Our work
We design and build digital products and services, but the focus is on the scale and organisational change.
We excel in 3 areas:
  1. We specialise in solving enterprise problems. This includes B2C, B2B and B2E (business to employee).
  2. We go beyond design specs and build fully functional digital products and services to test out in the real world. We believe this is the only way to manage uncertainty and help our clients gain confidence in their design investments.
  3. We don't just design and build. We also help clients with user adoption, change management and governance.
We assign a team to each client (an engagement). Every team is cross-functional, co-located and dedicated. The team roles include an Interaction Designer, Content Strategist, UX Researcher, Frontend Engineer etc. These engagements may last between 3 to 18 months or more. As a Product Owner, you will lead such engagements.
A typical engagement that you will lead might go like this:
  • Prepare your team for the assignment
  • Build rapport with the client team
  • Understand the problem space by undertaking primary or secondary research
  • Define the specific, yet aspirational problem statement that everyone agrees on
  • Explore the solution space and identify possible solutions
  • Work with backend systems integrators to build and implement the solution
  • Ensure that the client has the clarity, confidence and capability to own the solution
The role
We’re looking for someone who:
  • Has 5+ years of experience leading and growing design/product teams
  • Has worked in enterprise environments
  • Is passionate about owning team and customer success
Your responsibilities are:
  • Build rapport with the client team, raise their confidence levels and grow their capabilities
  • Drive your team to identify the right problems and design simple, yet innovative solutions
  • Help integrate the solution in the client’s enterprise ecosystem
  • Work with backend systems integrators to build and implement the solution
  • Improve product practice at PebbleRoad