(A-IT Software - 3110) UX UI Designer - Advanced

Job type: Contract
Salary: 7000 to 9000
Contact email: jelin@aitsoftware.com
Published: 9 days ago
Startdate: 18 January 2023 - 18 January 2023

Job description

Senior Product Designer
The Product Designers we really want to hire deliver real value to real users. In other words, they design stuff that gets built. If you are passionate about bringing simplicity to complex information systems — we have a challenge for you.

You'll spend most of your time trying to simplify very complex products and ideas. 

It may be an uphill battle, but it's worth it. If you succeed, your designs will enable thousands of people to serve millions of our customers better. We say that, if you can work in a bank, you can work anywhere. Don't worry, we're a nice bunch of people. Around here, we go out of our way to help one another.

Here's what your week might look like
• You'll spend time with our wonderful research team. Together you'll try to understand the business goals of your project and, more often than not, meet the stakeholders to redefine the problem statement.

• Once you know where you're going, it's time to tackle the behemoth tech systems and legal restrictions of a bank. Your product manager will become your best friend. You'll message the tech lead frequently. You'll get a crash course in finance law.

• We do respect the privacy of people with headphones-on, trying to avoid eye contact. So you'll have the time to actually produce work you're proud of.

• We want to hire people who have opinions, believe in their ideas and are willing to fight for them. But we also want people who can recognise when a better argument or solution is put before them. All of us participate in user testing, and so will you.

• Like we said, producing good work is not good enough if it doesn't get built. 

You will meet stakeholders from different departments and articulate your ideas clearly.

• To prepare for those meetings you'll need to check the latest relevant data.

• There will be time for Friday team dinner, drinks or Creative Day (we do something fun and creative together once a month).

Here are the experience and skills we'd love you to have
You're an end-to-end designer: you can turn high-level requirements into well-posed problem statements, wireframes, prototypes or Powerpoints for the management teams.

• You can talk confidently and clearly about design and build lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

• And you're not afraid to improvise—to think on your feet—when required.

• You can brainstorm the next big thing one moment and still tweak pixels right before launch.

• You have the ability to prioritise

• You work smart and are ready to improve processes.

• You have enough curiosity to stay savvy about industry and UX trends.

• You have confidence in your ideas and the ability to communicate them clearly.

• You follow through—when built, your designs actually look and work like they should. You monitor products after launch and are ready to suggest improvements.

Bonus points
• You actively contribute to the UX community.
• You're kind of a behavioural science geek.
• You have personal pet projects you work on for fun in your free time.

Your team and career
You will be part of the Bank’s design team.
The design team is redefining what great internal tools look like: working on a collaborative platform to enable bankers, credit risk managers and credit controllers to manage corporate loans digitally.

Behind the scenes, the team understands how important it is for a proper design process and system to be in place before great things can happen.

About the design team
Hi, we are the user experience design team
We create digital products that deserve to be built because they solve real problems in an impactful way with empathy.

How we design
We go beyond numbers
Every dollar means something. No one actually wants money. We want what it can give us.

So we acknowledge that money is not really about money. We inject emotion into our products to go from transactional to magical.

We have one profound idea
Because ambiguity is the enemy of good user experience. What is our unique value proposition?

 Would adding another feature dilute the idea or make it stronger?

If you are interested in any of the contract roles, send your resume directly to jelin@aitsoftware.com. Please include the following format: "BCG RISE_Name_Role(s) that you are applying for e.g. "BCG RISE_John Smith_Business Analyst Application". You may want to highlight that you come from BCG RISE in the email body.