[CAAS]Senior Manager / Manager (Emerging Technology)

Location: Singapore
Contact email: careersrise@bcg.com
Published: 9 months ago
Startdate: 18 September 2023 - 18 September 2023

​[What the role is]

You will be a member of the Emerging Technology team under the Unmanned Systems Policy, Regulations and Operations Division. The role of the Emerging Technology Section is to review current polices and develop new policies to safely integrate new entrants and systems such as remotely piloted aircraft systems, electric vertical take-off landing aircraft and the unmanned aircraft traffic management system.

[What you will be working on]

As part of this dynamic team, you will staff policies and concepts to enable the integration of new entrants. In developing the polices and CONOPs, you are required to leverage on the expertise of local and overseas research institutes and consultants.

You are required to participate in policy and system development, specifically in development of Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) system. Your task involves identifying the operational requirements and the needs of stakeholders, designing and developing the associated technical requirements. You are required to work with local and overseas research institutes, industry partners and consultants. As part of your work, you will need to consult widely across key government agencies, industry and the public at large.

[What we are looking for]

• Trained in systems design and/or software architecture with at least 3 years of experience

• Involvement in unmanned aircraft operations or associated industry will be considered favorably

• Excellent verbal, written, communication skills

• Self-motivated, resourceful, analytical and capable of multi-tasking

• Driven and Team Player

• Motivated to explore, push boundaries and encourage change.

Note: Your appointment designation will commensurate with your relevant work experience. Successful candidates will be offered a 3-year contract in the first instance, and may be considered for placement on a permanent tenure or subsequent contract renewal.