[CAAS] Senior Manager / Manager / Deputy Manager (Technology and Strategic Planning), Unmanned Systems Technology, Engineering and Planning Division

Location: Singapore
Contact email: careersrise@bcg.com
Published: 9 months ago
Startdate: 18 September 2023 - 18 September 2023

​[What the role is]

The global unmanned systems sector has made quantum leaps and is expected to continue growing rapidly. This growth is encouraged by the interest in developing technology and innovative use-cases for both commercial and recreational use, arising from the benefits that unmanned systems bring across multiple industries.

To capture the potential and opportunities of the Unmanned Systems sector for Singapore, the Unmanned Systems Technology, Engineering and Planning (UTEP) Division assesses, identifies, and forges partnerships with Industry, other Civil Aviation authorities and research entities to grow new business areas, initiate greenfield research and develop capabilities in Unmanned Systems for Singapore. The division also sense makes and stays abreast of the rapid technological developments in the Unmanned Systems sector as well as develops strategies to catalyze innovation for technology and research and drives the growth and capability development of the unmanned systems industry in Singapore. Specific projects include, but are not limited to, facilitating the use of drone and Advanced Air Mobility technology, hydrogen fuel cell technology, Unmanned Systems standards monitoring and development, and the development of Unmanned Aircraft Flying Areas to provide the public with access to sites for safe flying of their drones. On top of strategy formulation and industry partnerships responsibilities, UTEP Division also focuses on planning, systems engineering, technology capabilities and resources of the unmanned systems development within the Unmanned Systems Group, as well as integration, implementation, and operational oversight of the maintenance of Counter-UAS systems and certain sustainability initiatives under the airport pillar.

[What you will be working on]

As an officer under the Technology and Strategic Planning section of UTEP Division, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to work spanning futures and strategy development, industry development, partnerships and engagement, and integration and planning. You will get to work and interact with exciting and key industry and company stakeholders, members from other Civil Aviation authorities and leading researchers. You will gain a better understanding on and assess industry’s needs, technical requirements, regulation considerations and research areas and its approaches. You will also have a direct hand in shaping the future and development of unmanned systems technology in Singapore’s aviation sector, a key pillar of Singapore’s economy.

If this excites you, read on for details of the job responsibilities and requirements. We look forward to your application.


• Identify and assess key emerging trends and advancements in technologies and systems in the unmanned systems sector globally and regionally, and sense make the implications for Singapore.

• Formulate strategies and plans to drive growth and capability development of unmanned systems technologies in Singapore.

• Support senior leadership to tighten the strategic planning and policies with the near-term policies and developmental plans for Unmanned Systems Group, and drive cross functional developments across the Group.

• Partner and work with industry, foreign civil aviation authorities, research entities, foreign government agencies to grow new business areas, initiate greenfield research, and develop new and key capabilities in Unmanned Systems

• Work and partner with internal division stakeholders and local government agencies to assess, identify and fund exciting projects that ignite interest in Unmanned Systems in Singapore, support creative use cases by the industry and to engage/attract foreign unmanned systems companies to anchor businesses in Singapore.

• Advocate for alternative sustainable aviation energy supply and drive the adoption of such technologies and energy supply in unmanned systems, such as hydrogen.

• Partner and work with divisions, agencies, and international organizations to develop relevant technical standards and references that can help to support and advance development on Unmanned Systems in Singapore.

• Opportunities for overseas travel to engage international partners/ forums to drive thought leadership, maintain mindshare and cross-learning of best practices.

[What we are looking for]


• Trained in Engineering (Aerospace, Mechanical or Aviation)

• Passion for aviation, engineering, and technology, in particular shaping the future and development of unmanned systems technology and sustainable unmanned aviation in Singapore

• Experience in the public sector, especially policy and planning roles, is a plus.

• Experience in developing technical standards and references (e.g., with SAE International, ASTM, EUROCAE) is a plus.

• Experience and knowledge in planning, executing and requirements of experimental trials is a plus.

• Strong analytical, written, and oral communication skills

• Strong inter-personal and leadership skills and can forge effective partnerships with stakeholders.

• Strong project management skills

• Strong understanding of engineering application in aviation/aerospace and technology.

• Tenacious, self-motivated, and good team player with ability to find solutions to problems.

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Note: Your appointment designation will commensurate with your relevant work experience.

Successful candidates will be offered a 3-year contract in the first instance and may be considered for placement on a permanent tenure or subsequent contract renewal.